Monday, February 9, 2009

Nutritional Facts Visualizations

I recently saw these new nutritional labels at McDonald's, the first being a McDonald's-only infographic and the second is the traditional nutritional facts label. The infographic is in more prominent positions on the packaging. I'm not sure if this is a legislated change, or voluntary, but whatever it is, bravo!

The design is interesting. I think McDonald's is attempting to make the nutritional value of each measured component clear by providing icons for different nutritional components (building blocks for protein, etc.) and bar charts to compare amounts. However, I can't tell what the marker within the bar graphs represent. The units differ across items, so I think perhaps they are normalized to recommended daily intake (full bar = 100%). But, what value does vertical broken line represent? It can't be 50%, since the 45% Fat bar is well beyond the marker. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but without an explanation, this chart doesn't provide as much information as it could. Ideas?
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Christian Muise said...

Nice find.

My guess for the broken bar would be 33% (1 out of your 3 meals of the day).

Unknown said...

I think the dotted line is the average of all 5. In this case it would be 36%.

Unknown said...

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