Monday, December 10, 2007

Windows Vista Sync Center

I use two computers, and I store files on a network drive which is backed up. So, I need a good synchronization solution.

I was excited to learn that Windows Vista ships with a program called "Sync Center". Of course, if you are using Windows Home Premium, Sync Center is crippled and won't sync to network drives, which is exactly what I need it for. I don't even want to get into the issues with Vista versioning. Suffice it to say I use Vista Business on my laptop and Home Premium on my desktop, and the differences are unpredictable, annoying, and unnecessary.

Even if you have Vista Business, you can't use Sync Center to synchronize to a USB key. They claim you can synchronize files to your mobile device, but it appears after much searching that this actually only means Sync Center will call Windows Media Player to synchronize music and other media to a music player. It assumes my memory stick is a media player, so I can't set up a sync for anything but music.

I guess that excitement was for nothing. I'm so naive... I actually thought it might work without any hassle. Microsoft created a Sync Center that is unusable for the two synchronization scenarios I use. I'll stick with AJC Directory Synchronizer. It's not as pretty, but it works, which is more important.


cBennett said...

I had the same problem. Try Microsoft's Synctoy. It's exactly what you wanted in the first place, although it is not automatic.

Kevin said...

( per SyncToy help topic)
Schedule SyncToy
While you do not have to schedule SyncToy to use it, some users may find it helpful to schedule recurrent SyncToy runs. Perhaps you have a folder pair that takes a long time to sync and you want to run SyncToy in the middle of the night, for example.

SyncToy does not provide a user interface to schedule folder pairs to run at designated times. However, there is a method to schedule tasks using the Microsoft© Windows© operating system.

Windows Vista
To schedule a task using the operating system:

From the Start menu, select All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Task Scheduler.
Select Create Basic Task in the Actions pane on the right.
Add a Name and Description and select Next.
Choose when you want the task to start and select Next.
Choose date/times (if applicable) to run task and select Next.
Choose Start a Program option and select Next.
Select Browse and locate the SyncToy.exe.
Type "-R" in the Add Arguments textbox. –R all by itself will run all folder pairs that are active for run all. If you want to run just a single folder pair, add –R“My Pair” to the end of the command line. Note: there is a space before the hyphen but not one after the R. If the folder pair name contains a space, surround it with quotation marks, as the example above shows. For another example, assume that SyncToy is in the folder named C:\My Folder and that you want to run a folder pair named "My folder pair." Enter the command line as follows, including the quotation marks: "C:\My Folder\SyncToy.exe" -R"My folder pair." Note that there are two sets of quotation marks in this case: one is around the path to the SyncToy program file and the other surrounds the folder pair name.

Fernando said...

Great info that about SyncToy.
Thank you I will try it

Sara said...

i dont know if vista is good to do this thnigs i am trying to stop using the pc and just stay with my phone, and sometimes i sync it with the pc, but i have some troubles with my contacts on whatsapp, i have to download whatsapp again