Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visualization Hall of Fame

My former colleagues Irene Ros and Matt McKeon along with Yannick Assogba at IBM Research have released “Many Bills”, a follow up to IBM’s revolutionary social data visualization service “Many Eyes”. Many Bills draws our eyes on the right stuff, using colour appropriately to highlight thematic similarities and differences in the various bills and versions of bills considered by the U.S. House and Senate. Interactive drill down allows an analyst to see an overview and then focus on an area of interest. I like their use of horizontal scrolling – a technique entirely undervalued in visualization in my opinion.

This tool could be a lobbyist’s dream – or nightmare if the public starts to see what really goes into the laws that govern modern democracies.  Following on their social data expertise, Many Bills lets visitors create, save, and share collections of bills that are of interest.     Check it out for yourself at http://manybills.researchlabs.ibm.com/

The slick tour will get you started on analyzing this fascinating data for yourself, or check out my sample collection below on Canada and the environment. 


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